X Axis travel2000/1200mm
Y Axis travel750/1000mm
Z Axis travel650/800mm





Large Die sinking EDM machines with modular design.

  • Robust mechanical structure that ensures a lasting accuracy
  • Generator with SAAC system
  • Fully automated ecological filter
  • Option, one or two heads

Machine QX8
X Axis travel2000mm/1200mm
Y Axis travel750mm/1000mm
Z Axis travel650mm/800mm
Machine range (C axis travel) º360
X-Y-Z positioning resolution mm0,001
C positioning resolution º0,001
Work Tank
Doorrise and fall
Tank dimensions mm2.800 x 1.500 x 1.000
Work table dimensions mm2.200 x 1.000
Max. distance between head & table without "C" axis mm1.200
Max. distance between head & table with "C" axis mm1.170
Max. dielectric height mm950
Max. workpiece height mm900
Allowable weight on table kg15.000
Max. electrode weight kg200
Max. electrode weight (with "C" axis) kg50/12
Allowable weight on electrode changer kg70/10
Maximum power (Medium/Peak) A60/100
Programmable intensities Nº12
Ignition voltage Nº80-100-120-160-200
On-time µseg1 to 6500 programmables
Off-time µseg1 to 6500 programmables
Maximum stock removal rate with copper mm³/min500
Maximum stock removal rate with graphite mm³/min600
Electrode wear with copper %0,2
Electrode wear with graphite %0,1
Display15" TFT (colour)
Minimum increment programmable and controllable0.001mm/0.001º
Max. programmable dimension±9999.999mm
Memory capacity256Mb RAM
KeyboardMembrane, dust resistant
Hand controllerstandard
Filtering unit
Filtering systemLong life ecological filter
Filtering quality µm1
Change of filter elements hours>10.000
Flushing methodAutomatic
Flushing: Head (pressure, intermittent)1 to 31 programmables
Flushing: Tank (pressure, suction, intermittent)1 to 31 programmables
General characteristics
Total weight kg15.000
Max. height mm3.585
Total surface required mm5.440 x 4.980
Max. power requirement KVA13,5/17
• "C axis• Generator of 120 Amp of medium intensity - 200 Amp of peak intensity
• Linear electrode changer with 10 to 40 stations• Generator of 240 Amp of medium intensity - 400 Amp of peak intensity
• Linear electrode changer for large electrodes up to 50kg• Rotary A-axis
• Dielectric cooling device• Rotary B-axis
• Current voltage stabilizer